Losing Weight Sensibly

By Robert Sanders

Its no real secret that most of us find it much easier to gain weight than to lose it. We lurch from one promised miracle weight loss program to another, always hopeful but rarely getting the results we want.

From your prior experience you certainly know that losing weight is a pretty hard thing to do. Success is often measured in very small amounts and it is very easy to become discouraged and give up the effort. It is absolutely true that you will need to have faith in yourself and your ability if you are to lose the weight you want. Without this belief you are defeated before you even begin.

Setting goals is an important part of losing weight but the goals must be reasonable and obtainable. If you would like to lose twenty pounds break that into something like 4 intermediate goals of 5 pounds each and give yourself a month to achieve each goal. That comes out to about a pound loss each week which can be done in a healthy manner. Think of it this way: If you start your program in April, you are going to be twenty pounds thinner by June, just in time for summer.

Water is your friend in any diet you chose. Do yourself a very large favor and get rid of all the soda and juice and stick to water for your hydration. Even diet soda is full of chemicals that you really don’t need and a lot of juices have more sugar than you think. Some will say that water is the most boring, uninteresting thing they can think of and that may be true. But it is also true that water can be made more flavorful and interesting by purchasing sparkling water and adding lemon or lime. The result is just as refreshing and a lot healthier.

Exercising is an important part of any weight loss program. It is important not to view exercise as simply something you need to do to lose weight but as a healthy lifestyle choice. If you are just beginning an exercise program the chances you will stick with it are much greater if you do something you enjoy. It really doesn’t matter what that is as long as it gets you physically active for about 30 minutes a day. It can be walking, or golf, or tennis, or just about anything else. The key is that you aren’t bored or dislike what you are doing. It will also help if you can come up with several activities and mix them up so they don’t get stale.

If you go into your diet expecting immediate results you are kidding yourself. The human body just isn’t designed for rapid weight gain or loss. One reason that quick weight loss rarely works is because the body doesn’t react well to being denied essential nutrients and switches into a survival mode that makes losing weight without starvation practically impossible. It probably took a while for your to put the weight on and it will take some time to take it off and still be healthy. Be prepared to be frustrated with a lack of instant success but understand that, by doing things the right way, you will be losing the weight forever.

In the end, losing weight is nor more complicated than eating fewer calories in a day than your body burns off. Once you put together a reasonable meal plan with some sensible exercise you have no choice but to lose weight as long as you stay with the program..

Losing weight and staying fit really isn’t a dark art filled with miracles and wonder drugs. Being fit throughout your life is an acheivable goal that is reached with self discipline and determination. There is much information on being physically and emotionally fit available for the taking at Century21fitness.com.

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